The Groundwork for this Esteemed organization was laid down by Late. Gujjadi Narasimha Nayak. Started his jewellery career in front-end sales.

Later Mr.Nayak opened his own Jewellery Business in '1964' in Badagupet, Udupi under the name “Gujjadi Nayak & son's”.


Today Swarna the most Traditional, Eminent, Prominent, Rapid expanding Brand of Karnataka State. branched into 8 branches across 6 Districts of Karnataka, headquarters being at Udupi. Housing 350 staffs & artisans. +

Compacted into a company in 2011.


Major supply is catered by our own manufacturing unit, stationed at Kelarkalbettu- Udupi. Is best known for its Temple Artifacts & Traditional Jewellery.


For over 50 years Gujjadi Swarna has set the standard for Fine Personalized Jewellery industry wide. That tradition carries on today.




Swarna is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of jewellery creation. Through our innovation in design and craftsmanship we explore new frontiers of artistry.

Photo by Serg Myshkovsky/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Serg Myshkovsky/iStock / Getty Images

we take inspiration from the women that wear our exceptional designs. With a beautiful balance of power and grace, we are inspired in our artistic creativity to create pieces of equal femininity, strength and poise.


Craftsmanship Ethos


Our ethos draws upon the ancient Indian heritage and our own 50 years of expertise to bring it into the light and match the infinitely detailed perfection of nature.

We strive for innovation in craftsmanship; we have pioneered new techniques and continually explore more intricate designs to raise the bar in the crafting of jewellery.